At Turbo 360 – we create content for your School Events

Our team has the knowledge, experience and the latest technology at our fingertips to transform your school productions into an online premiere experience.

With COVID19 causing havoc on what was defined as ‘normal life’ restricting our social gatherings and limiting the number of people attending events – it’s time to reinvent the way we do things into the future.

Turbo 360 has put together the following event options, so your school production in 2020 can be converted into an online experience for your community to interact online, with high-end video production quality. 


Due to the increase in demand for our live-streaming services due to COVID19 – dates are extremely limited.   We recommend securing your booking date as soon as possible if you wish to proceed with a Live-Streaming solution in 2020.  Due to DHHS / Victorian Government restrictions, this availability will be from October 26 2020 unless restrictions are revised prior.

Option 1:
Event Premiere

With this option, our crew will film all performances during one day of filming at the school.  This would include filming from three camera angles for a professional production quality.

We will edit together an engaging video of all performances, inclusive of interviews with performers as an introduction to each segment, and schedule a live online premiere for your school community to tune in and interact during the screening time across your social media or website (password protection available). 

Option 2:
Live Event Streaming

Still going ahead with a live-production event, but without the audience?   We can bring the audience to you with our live-streaming services.

With this option, we will be using three ‘live’ camera angles fed back to a main video switcher and control board, we’ll broadcast your school production LIVE, as it happens on the day.  


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