We believe that unobtrusive coverage is the key to capturing amazing content at a wedding.  We won’t be hovering around you with cameras in your face.  That’s awkward, not only to you, but also your guests.

Through many years of experience, the Turbo Team capture your wedding day discretely with the best camera angles on the planet and super clear audio.  You’ll be amazed at the content we capture without you even knowing.

It’s quite often, after a wedding, that we hear from clients stating “we didn’t even know you were filming that”… and that’s the way we like it.

Unobtrusive, natural, and captured the fun way without the awkwardness.


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One month leading up to your wedding day, you’ll receive our online scheduling form to guide you through the best timing of your video package.  Once you have submitted times and locations, we will review timings and suggest some adjustments for maximising your coverage time if required.

On the day, we arrive promptly as scheduled and begin capturing memories of your wedding day, discretely.

At the ceremony – we arrive to the ceremony location 45 minutes prior to the event starting, where we will setup the camera positions and obtain the best audio sources to ensure everything is heard perfectly.  We’ll even have some time to capture some footage of the setup and your guests arriving.We use a minimum of two camera angles for a dynamic capture of vision during formalities, and have one zillion cables in our kits to connect to existing sound systems, as well as a full range of wireless microphones to capture professional audio. 

For Wedding Videography Melbourne and beyond… we’ve got you covered.



Once your wedding day has come and gone, your footage is placed into the Post Production process where we cut together the story of your day.

Once completed and uploaded to our digital delivery platform, you’ll receive an invitation to claim your video and stream online (Netflix Style).   You will have the ability to share this link with family and friends abroad, as well as download a HD copy for safe keeping.

There’s no copy protection on any of our videos, meaning you can download and distribute to whoever, and however many people as you like.   In fact, we encourage you to make several backups to ensure you have this easily accessible into the future.



Turbo 360 have a range of different package options starting from $950.   Whether you just need us for an hour, or an entire day – we can customise an option to suit your exact coverage requirements.

Let us know a few more details about your wedding day by clicking below, and we’ll email through all the details so you can read through in your own time.



Do you offer package deals for Photo / Video?

You betcha! More than just Wedding Videography Melbourne and beyond… if you book both services for Photo and Video with Turbo and we’ll take care of you on the price! Click here and we’ll send you all the details.

Can you Live Stream our wedding?

Yep! We have a live streaming site setup dedicated to these options –