LiveStreaming with Redundancy

Our live-streaming services use bonded 3G/4G/5G network technology.  Whilst we are still bound by mobile broadband coverage, we use multiple telco networks to connect to the best source.

HD Recording

Following the live-streaming services on the day, we’ll provide you with a downloadable video file so you can keep a copy of your wedding ceremony in high quality.

We’ll broadcast your wedding ceremony and/or reception, starting the stream approximately 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.   Streams will be published to Facebook + YouTube, giving your guests choice in where they want to view the proceedings.

Service Notes:

  • Our live stream services are only available in Victoria
  • Live Streaming is subject to 3G / 4G Mobile broadband coverage.  Click ‘Check Availability’ above and we’ll run some checks for your wedding location (its important you give us the exact address of where the live stream is required). 
  • These live streaming packages are stand-alone and would be treated as an additional service if you have already booked a standard video package with Turbo 360 (In other words – this service requires extra staff and specialised equipment and cannot just be added on to an already existing video package).
  • Live streaming can be via a scheduled viewing link on YouTube (and can be set to ‘private’ if requested). 
  • The downloadable file after the event will be un-edited, as it was streamed to your users on the day of the wedding – the downloadable file will be in a high definition format.
  • In the case a live-stream cannot be established to issues outside of our control (Telstra / Vodafone network issues or congestion) – recording of the proceedings will still proceed, and your videos will be uploaded immediately following the event when back in a service area for guests to watch. 

Example Live Stream Video

This is exactly how your guests will see the video stream